The concrete construction process of the ceiling ceiling project of WPC ceiling

- Jun 01, 2018-

WPC ceiling is mainly used in the ceiling of the decoration, the concrete construction technology is such, first should use the horizontal tube to copy the horizontal line to check the evenness repeatedly, use the ink line to pop up the datum line, to the local ceiling room, and be familiar with the drawing, determine the size, carry on the construction bottom, the arc top surface modeling should first set lofting on the ground. No mistake can be made to the top and ensure smooth lines.


The ceiling of WPC ceiling is not less than 30 * 50 wooden keels, and the distance is 800-1000. The steel expansion should be made as far as possible in the seams of the prefabricated plate. The steel wire should not be used as the hanger, and the steel expansion nut should be pressed with the wooden keel. Its sub keel is no less than 25 x 35 wooden keel, and the keel rack should be pushed behind the bottom and can be used.


It should be noted that the position of lamps and lanterns should be paid attention to in the grille of wooden keel, no wooden keel at the opening of the tube, and the ceiling and ceiling light should be reinforced alone, and the main lamp should be fixed with steel expansion. The light lamp can be hung on the main keel, and the lamp or ceiling fan with a weight of more than 3 kg shall not be connected with the ceiling keel, and a hook should also be set up.


WPC ceiling is fixed with a special screw, fixed should be fixed from the middle of the plate to the four sides, not to work at the same time. The joint must have a keel at the junction of the seam. At the same time, it is checked with the ruler to ensure that the flatness error is controlled within 2. When you seal the board, pay attention to the pulling out of the top surface of the lamp line. According to the construction drawing, the position of the down light is determined by the projectile line on the cover plate, and the thread head is dragged out.


In the process of using the WPC ceiling, it is necessary to pay attention to the failure of the plate surface. The seams of the Yin and yang angle of the buckle line and the line of the negative angle and the positive angle line should be strict. The straight nails can be used to pin the buckles and lines from the upper part with the straight nails. At the same time, there is no water leakage at the top floor; the position of the electrical circuit is determined and the corresponding marks are made.


The total height of the dark band of WPC ceiling is generally 120-200. The front plate of the dark light belt should use nine mm plate or double layer five mm plate or carpenter board, and the rear plate use five laminate. WPC ceiling ceiling should be made of wooden keel base, sealed with five layers of panels, and then sealed.