The correct routine wax nursing process on the PVC floor

- May 14, 2018-

In the daily use process, the PVC floor more one of the protection measures is wax, but when the wax must choose to meet the use of their own materials, such as the ground with large temperature change, the use of good heat resistant protective materials; and water vapor places need good waterproof protection materials.


In addition to waxing, the best way to protect the PVC floor is not to be hurt or to be used properly. For example, the floor mat must be placed at the entrance of the building to avoid the sand and dust through the shoelaces; and the curtain can be installed in the room to shield the sun from direct sunlight on the PVC floor.


If the furniture, piano and other heavy objects need to move, pay attention to avoid the scraping and bumping of the PVC floor. The steel furniture legs should use the rubber protective pad to prevent the loss of PVC floor. As the area of the kitchen kitchen kitchen and the surrounding area of the entrance of the toilet is easily immersed in the wet air, it is necessary to handle the silica gel between the wall and the door frame to prevent the wet air from being immersed in the bottom.


Secondly, the water surface wax of the PVC floor should not be kept in touch with the water frequently, so as to avoid dissolution and reduce the protective effect; dust absorbents should be used to clean the floor. Of course, the burning cigarette butts can not be placed on the PVC floor to remove all kinds of dirt on the ground in time.


Although the surface of the PVC floor may be used to separate water from the water, it is not allowed to soak the floor in the clear water, and the sewage is used in the cleaning process to dry the sewage in time. For more places where people wear more and wear, the maintenance cycle should be shortened, and the waxing times of PVC floor high strength surface wax should be increased.


It needs to be emphasized that hard and rough cleaning appliances, such as steel ball and 100 clean cloth, are absolutely prohibited on the PVC floor to prevent sharp objects from hitting the PVC floor. On the premise of purchasing high-quality PVC flooring and correctly laying it, it must be properly protected, so that the PVC floor can be more durable.


The correct way of cleaning and nursing on the PVC floor is to match the wax water with the clean water in proportion to the solvent, and spray the liquid and brush uniformly at the bottom of the machine, so as to achieve the clean effect. Then use the water aspirator to clean up the sewage on the floor. Finally, wax and mop liquid wax is evenly towed on the PVC floor to make the floor bright and clean.