The difference between flame-retardant WPC floor materials and ordinary materials

- Jul 18, 2018-

Flame retardant WPC floor and general wood products are very different in fact, because it has a lot of hollow specifications, so it saves a lot of materials; and the flame retardant WPC floor products can do maintenance free. In the long run, the maintenance cost of flame retardant WPC floor is far lower than that of wood products.


When customers choose wood, they need about 45MM thick timber. And flame-retardant WPC floor, only need 25MM thickness material, but its strength is more than 45MM anticorrosion wood; in addition, the flame retardant WPC floor surface is not required to paint, but the general timber building materials need to be painted or coated with water coating.


By contrast, the life of flame-retardant WPC flooring can be 3-4 times that of ordinary wood. In addition to the flame retardant properties, this kind of floor is not easy to be deformed and tilted under the condition of damp, so its superior performance is also reflected in its waterproof property.


Thirdly, the price of flame-retardant WPC floor is influenced by popular elements abroad. The flame-retardant WPC floor not only creates beauty for the environment, but also brings security to the environment, which makes the value of the flame-retardant WPC floor more improved.