The features of the embossed flooring and its correct purchasing skills

- Jun 12, 2018-

At present, most of the floor brands have launched a concave and convex texture of the relief pattern floor, because of its more primitive and simple pursuit of the floor, it has been favored by many consumers. When buying embossed floor, we must grasp the relevant skills, so as to ensure the superiority of the product.


In fact, the so-called embossed floor is formed on the surface of the floor with uneven patterns. The texture of the pattern is embedded in the surface of the floor and is embossed. The pattern of the surface of the floor makes the wear resistance and anti skid performance greatly improved, and the relief effect produced by the pattern can give people a better natural texture and artistic aesthetic feeling.


In addition, as the texture of the flooring on the flooring is embedded in the surface of the floor, it can not only adjust the moisture of the room, but also absorb the ultraviolet light, so the environmental protection efficiency is very good. And it also has many types, each floor has its own characteristics, suitable for different decoration styles, and consumers who want different quality of life. Consumers can choose different kinds of relief patterns on the floor according to their performance, appearance and price.


Although many businesses have said that relief relief floors are related to wear resistance, because of its special surface treatment, it is more wearable than the general floor. In fact, there is not too much relationship between the relief pattern and the wear-resistance. When consumers buy, do not simply pursue the surface effect, ignore the life of the goods and the trouble of maintenance.


Compared with the general floor, relief surface is not only more beautiful and more notch, but also has the effect of solid wood flooring. This will involve the depth of the slot, in fact, this is a production process problem, directly related to the link between the plate and the plate, as long as the floor is fasten firmly, the depth of the floor slot is not a big problem.


The greater the substrate density of embossed floor, the higher the mechanical properties and impact resistance, so its side is more resistant to percussion, but the greater the density is, the better. So when we choose the relief floor, we should not ask for too much density to avoid negative effects.