The following items should be paid attention to the installation of bathroom wallboard

- Jan 15, 2018-

The use of wallboard has been very common, especially in places like bathroom and basement. However, whether the bathroom wall panels or basement wall panels are in a humid environment, in view of this, when we install the wall panels, we must need the following waterproof and moisture-proof aspects.


First, the installation of the bathroom wallboard should pay attention to the noise reduction


Because we take a bath between the bathroom, it is inevitable that the sound of water will appear, especially at night, the appearance of this sound will increase accordingly. But in the morning, the water rushing noise is not the same, because a lot of white-collar jobs at a time when the reason of the pressure is relatively large, resulting in a lot of time are very busy lately. As a result, it is formed a shower in the morning habits, thus easier to influence to the family rest.


In view of the above reasons, if we want to install the wallboard in the bathroom, we must also pay attention to the soundproof effect. The bathroom wall panels produced by our manufacturers will take this factor into consideration when choosing material and specific equipment. At that time, its ability to isolate noise is also very good.


Second: the installation of the bathroom wallboard, waterproof and moisture-proof is a key point


In many families, water drops often appear on the wall of the bathroom. This phenomenon, we can be when the wall did not do a good waterproof and moisture-proof corresponding work, after a long time, but no wall, there will be other places with phenomenon, not only affects the service life of the wall, but also affect the whole life of the bathroom. So when we install the bathroom wall panels, we must choose waterproof and moistureproof ones. The best thing is to go to the manufacturers for a real inspection, and refer to the past customers' reflection.