The installation process and the conditions to be satisfied for the detachable decorative floor.

- Jul 24, 2018-

The detachable decorative floor has fast installation speed, has many functions and can meet the ground requirements of many occasions; moreover, the removable decorative floor can be used repeatedly in different sports venues, but the removable decorative floor has strict requirements on the ground before installation.


First of all, the installation site should be cleaned up, other construction has been completed, cross construction is completed, and the intersecting construction is prohibited; removable decorative floors are shipped to the installation site; the middle line is taken as the axis, the disassembled floor is installed on both sides and fixed, and the ground base requirement of the detachable decorative floor is the cement self leveling, smooth and level. It can't play the effect of dust.


The overall level difference of the detachable decorative floor is not more than 2cm, and the 2m is not more than 3mm in the ruler; it needs to be closed with the surrounding floor, and the overall planeness error of the surrounding floor must be within + 5mm; in addition, the waterproof layer must be made and the requirement of the building index must be reached.


The removable decorative floor should be installed in accordance with the design requirements of all kinds of sports equipment embedded parts, embedded parts of the elevation of 50mm, and can be adjusted. After the end of the installation, grinding, painting, drawing, drawing, and drawing logo are done. After the floor paint is dry, the burying interface can be processed; a complete disassembled floor is presented.