The key points of construction of panel molding parapet.

- Oct 31, 2018-

Panel molding parapet installation before the base to deal with, the base wall with 1:3 cement mortar smooth, vertical, solid, clean. Then, according to the design requirements, pop out the horizontal position line of the upper and lower sill of the parapet wall; if the stone material is used to kick the foot line, it is appropriate to complete the paste of the stone kick line first. 

Then, according to the design size, cut the panel to form the parapet; first, use cement steel nails to fasten the edge strip of the plank to the parapet and the position of the sill under the panel. When fixing nails, the edge should be aligned with the ink line of the cartridge, fastened firmly and horizontally guaranteed. Had done stone to kick line, should stick close to the wall at the same time stick to kick line nail fasten; should kick the line on mortar clean up. 

Then along the edge slot to insert the panel molding parapet, insert a cement steel nail to fix a, nail position in the parapet position. After the panel molding parapet of one wall is installed, the slot of the upper line board is lowered, so that the long edge of the upper line board slot is inserted along the gap between the parapet and the wall, and the upper mouth of the parapet is covered to serve as the upper sill of the panel formed parapet. The upper line shall be coated on the long edge of the upper board slot with a certain strength and water resistance before insertion. 

After the panel is formed and the parapet is installed, use cotton yarn and detergent to wipe the parapet clean. At the yin and yang corners of the wall, the upper line plate of the upper groove and the edge strip of the lower sill shall be slotted with 45 ┬░angles, and inserted into the inner corner line and the outer corner line at the same time.