The mastery of the construction techniques of compound floor tiles in courtyard

- Jul 25, 2018-

As for the construction of courtyard compound decorative floor tile board, the floor tile clearance should be considered first, because the material has the characteristic of slightly hot swelling and cold shrinkage, and the reasons of the cleaning are taken into consideration. When the courtyard composite decorative floor tiles are installed, there must be a proper gap between the edge and side, end and end. The reservation of the gap is also closely related to the weather temperature during construction.


When installing a compound floor tile plate, it is best to install the profile on the keel. According to the thickness of the profile, the spacing of the keel is generally between 400MM-500MM. When there is a dip between the section and the keel, reduce the spacing of the keel at least 10 centimeters.


Next, attention should be paid to the gap between railings and columns, and various factors such as performance, style and materials should also be taken into consideration. In the process of installation, the courtyard compound decorative floor tiles can be cut, saw, drilling, and tenon using ordinary woodworking machinery. And the self tapping screws are used to fasten the floor.