The mastery skills of mildew proof WPC floor when paving

- Jul 14, 2018-

On the pavement of mildew proof WPC floor, it is recommended to use the alloy saw blade and the drill bit, and the cutting of the thinning teeth is easier to cut; when drilling large or deep holes, the drill should be regularly withdrawn to bring out the detritus; in general, the beam requires a span of 30 to 50 centimeters when the mould is installed.


When installing a mildew resistant WPC floor, the use of special screws must be drilled in advance. The diameter of the pre bore should be less than the diameter of the screw or screw 3/4; because the self tapping screw is durable, it becomes the first choice to install the mildew proof WPC floor. This kind of floor is very convenient to use, and is different from wood. Using mould proof WPC floor does not need to consider wood grain direction or node.


However, when the mould WPC floor width is greater than 10mm, each end should be fixed with two screws. Under special operating conditions or abnormal load conditions, shorter distances may be required during installation. Due to drainage, cleaning and slight thermal expansion, shrinkage, etc., there must be a suitable gap between side to side and head to head when installing profiles.