The outdoor decking floor is more convenient in construction and maintenance

- Jan 27, 2018-

The application of outdoor decoration floor decoration PVC floor, actually refers to the special application in family pavement PVC floor, such floor is very popular in the world today on a new light ground decoration materials, is also called the "light body material". In addition to the outdoor decking floor, it is also a popular product in Europe, America and Asia and South Korea.


This kind of outdoor decorative floor is widely used, and is more common in indoor families, hospitals, schools, office buildings, as well as in factories, public places, supermarkets, business and sports venues. It is a new type of surface decoration material. It has been widely welcomed in the European and American markets and the Asia Pacific market. It is also very popular in our country, and has broad prospects for development.


Because of the outdoor decoration floor seam small and seamless welding in the construction, so it will be more convenient, special color of the floor through strict construction and installation, the seam is very small, far view almost invisible seams, can make the overall effect of the ground and its visual effect can be optimized to maximize the.


It is also easy and easy to cut and splice the outdoor decking floor. With a knife that is good can be arbitrarily cut, at the same time, and can be combined with different color materials, give full play to the designer's ability and cleverness, to achieve the most ideal decoration; enough to make our earth become a work of art, make our life become an art space the palace, full of art atmosphere.


Such outdoor decorative flooring is faster in installation and construction, without cement mortar, and with good surface conditions, it will be bonded with special environmental floor adhesive, and it will be used after 24 hours. Outdoor decoration floor in maintenance is also very convenient, the ground is dirty directly with a cloth wiping can be. If you want to keep the floor lasting and bright, you just need regular waxing maintenance.