The starting point and practical application of anti anti termite wpc flooring

- Jan 09, 2018-

When it comes to the starting point WPC anti termite floor, the first point of speaking, we are in fact is to pay attention to general situation, in order to prevent anti termites crawl into the room, when it is the foundation of the building will be anti anti termite prevention treatment will do on the ground, if properly handled, generally speaking also, it will not cause the invasion of anti termites from the foundation of things, and WPC is the anti anti termite floor can fundamentally prevent the intrusion of anti termites.


Furthermore, WPC anti termite in floor use, also is to pay attention to this must be before the floor to prevent, also is to pay attention to according to the actual situation to use the potion to deal with and prevent poisoning, these often happen harm the site, there is no way that anti termites live in these parts, the a little in terms of words, is also played a good effect of anti anti termite.


More important, in terms of the principle of WPC anti anti termite floor, it is the corresponding drug treatment for the WPC anti anti termite floor. The process of drug treatment, the process also is to pay attention to the "poisoning" of the material, the wood products such as anti termites to swallow "poison", but more important, it is to pay attention to the human body for speaking, it should be no harm to this. As a result, can be achieved a good repellent effect.


Finally, the WPC anti termite floor in terms of words, is also a kind of special drugs added mainly by wood (wood cellulose, cellulose) as a base material and a thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing additives, mixing, heating equipment can be made from direct extrusion molding the high-tech green environmental protection material after the die.


The WPC anti termite floor, there will be not only the performance and characteristics of wood and plastics at the same time, is also has anti anti termite properties, the terms of the new environmental protection, WPC floor is anti termite can replace the wood and plastic high-tech materials, and the actual use of the time, which will have the same characteristics and wood processing.