The top grade modern vinyl floor near what are the characteristics?

- Apr 14, 2018-

Through the digital imaging technology and the exquisite manufacturing process, the imitation stone or the top grade modern vinyl flooring texture of the imitation wood can achieve a real lifelike effect, and in the case of inline, there is no way to separate them from the real wood floor or ceramic tile.


According to the world ground pavement material association, the ability to use advanced photography technology to copy real hardwood and stone is the premise of the whole high end modern ethylene base plate system. Then it is to pay attention to merging four different layers into the final products that are in turn the elastic vinyl support layer, the vinyl coating, the photographic film layer, and the top cover of the polyurethane or the alumina.


The top protection layer on the top grade modern ethylene base (also known as the wear-resistant layer or the mil layer) is also critical for the durability of the product, and those with high quality will even have a 40 mill thickness. And many commercial applications have been successfully used in the design of 20 or more wear resistant layers. (about mill is also called milli inch, 1 mill =25.4 micron).


From the point of view of optical and visual effect, high end vinyl stone tiles and top grade modern ethylene base board can also imitate the natural stone, all kinds of hardwood and all the ceramic tiles, which is undoubtedly in accordance with the realistic needs of modern life. But compared with its fashionable avant-garde style design, the top grade modern vinyl floor is also durable, easy to clean and easy to maintain.


Because of this, high end modern vinyl flooring can be seen everywhere, whether it is a farmer's home in a remote country or a Luxury Apartments in the fashion city. However, with regard to the top grade modern vinyl flooring, we should be aware that it is a relatively new term, covering high end vinyl stone tiles (LVT) and high end vinyl wood flooring (LVP), with the features of two floors.