The use of Deluxe vinyl flooring has attracted the attention of the relevant industries.

- May 11, 2018-

More and more users are keen on the luxurious vinyl flooring and its unique properties are inseparable. The first is its wear resistance. The wear resistance of luxury vinyl boards is very prominent in plastics, and even has exceeded some metals.


At the same time, the deluxe ethylene flooring has good impact resistance, because its impact energy absorption value is highest in all plastics, the impact strength is about 2 times of the impact resistance of PC, and 5 times of ABS, so the noise damping is very good and has excellent silencing effect.


The test proves that the luxurious vinyl flooring has very low friction coefficient and excellent self lubrication. Under the condition of no lubricant, it is second to the best self lubricity of poly (four chloroethylene); when it works in a sliding or rotating form, it is better to lubricate the lubricating oil than the steel and brass.


The product also has excellent chemical resistance. Besides strong fluorinated acid solution, the corrosion resistant medium and organic medium can be kept in good condition in a certain temperature and concentration range. Because the surface absorptive force of the luxury ethylene flooring is very weak, its anti adhesion ability is second only to the best PTEE in the plastic, so the surface of the product is not easy to adhere to other materials.


With the above excellent performance, as a high quality plastic sheet, luxury vinyl board can replace carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and other materials used in textile, paper, food machinery, transportation, medical, coal, chemical industry and other industries, to meet the requirements of different use.


When the luxurious ethylene flooring is constructed, the first step is to make a leveling, but when the base concrete is more flat, it is not suitable to make the bottom ash leveling. At the same time, the surface of the base should be the surface of the wool, and there should be no skin and cracks. The slope and strength of the base should conform to the design requirements, and the evenness should be applied to 2m. The length of the ruler should not be more than 5mm.


Before the deluxe ethylene flooring lining, the oil and dust attached to the base should be carefully cleaned up, and the surface of the concrete base should be leveled in advance, and the concrete can be mended and cured with cement mortar.