The wide application of eco friendly WPC flooring is the trend of the times

- Mar 24, 2018-

WPC eco friendly protection floor absolute zero formaldehyde (green real): the main raw material is high polymer resin, non-toxic and renewable, it will not contain any material which has the elements of natural stone, it is also because of this, the use of eco friendly protection in the WPC floor, the great the extent is to ensure that the product's eco friendly health.


The eco friendly protection WPC floor can be used repeatedly, because the floor is simpler and easier to disassemble when it is laid on the floor, because the floor is no glue pavement, it can also be used repeatedly after being dismantled. The raw materials can be recycled and recycled.


Eco friendly protection WPC floor when the pavement is simple, seam will be more closely, the overall pavement effect is better, the floor grooving is by laser automatic correction, this on the one hand in terms of words, also can avoid the difference of height to fit the local floor becomes more sophisticated, more smooth, reduce manual survey error. And because of the locking force of the floor, the floor changes with the temperature and extends to the whole. It avoids the local uplift and solves the problem of the internal deformation of the floor, and the overall pavement effect is good.


Eco friendlyly friendly WPC floor is easy to maintain and easy to maintain: This is because traditional materials are very troublesome and wasteful in daily maintenance. But for the maintenance of WPC floor, when the surface of the floor is dirty, it only needs to wipe with mops. The number of maintenance is much lower than that of other materials.


The eco friendlyly friendly WPC floor has strong wear resistance. To this extent, to a large extent, it can extend its useful life. If it is used normally and reasonably, its service life can reach more than 20 years. Eco friendly protection WPC floor waterproof antiskid ability, even if the floor in the water, does not appear to damage, deformation, at the same time, the floor will not happen because of high humidity and mildew.