Types and specifications of pvc Wall panels and their characteristics

- Dec 01, 2018-

Pvc wallboard is a new kind of metope decoration material, which is made of PVC material as raw material and through surface coating technology. At present, it is gradually replacing the traditional wall building materials, the appearance of wall panels can be molded in a variety of ways, the most common way is to paste film and 3D printing and other decorative technology. 

Pvc wallboard can be divided into V-seam and straight seam in texture, the back of wallboard is designed by flat plate and anti-skid groove, the size specification of wallboard in the market covers products with width of 30cm, 40 cm and 60 cm. Compared to traditional wall materials, pvc panels have the same machinability as logs, nailable saws, easy cutting, and drillability. Only need to use nails or bolts will be able to fix the wallboard, surface texture is very smooth, no need to paint spray. 

In addition, compared with logs, pvc wallboard has more physical advantages, good stability, in daily use, it is not easy to appear cracking, warping edge, twill, and so on. Can according to consumer's demand, put colorant, present the wallboard product of different color sense after processing, but need to undertake maintenance regularly. 

Because of the characteristics of pvc wallboard itself, it is easy to resist water and fire prevention. At the same time, pvc wallboard is also green and corrosion-resistant. In the daily maintenance process, it is not necessary to carry out too much maintenance. Although its appearance texture and solid wood have the very big similarity, but compares the plastic material wall surface material, the hardness is high, the use time is longer. In addition, the weight of the wallboard is light, convenient for construction personnel to transport and install, but also has certain wear resistance, so that the wallboard is suitable for a lot of space metope. 

Pvc wallboard has a large number of patterns, rich colors, so that users have more choice. Wallboard installs very convenient, after integral metope decorates, instantly can decorate grade promotion.Widely used in indoor wall, such as entertainment, conference center, etc., in the plastic wall materials, the most use of a class of products.www.wpc4flooring.com