What are the advantages of LVT flooring?

- Nov 02, 2017-

During the application of LVT floor in the commercial areas.It make the wood effect appeared in lots of places where have no wood effect before. For example, hospital. LVT flooring appears wood texture, And the better price and quality make it more competitive than wood , stone decoration material.


LVT flooring actually has important advantages compare with different kinds of ground materials. Compared with ceramic tile, the resolution and simulation effect in color, texture almost same, But LVT is more light, better elasticity, warm feeling, more comfortable, And the installation is very simple.People may DIY installation.


Compare with wood flooring, their visual effect are the same, but there`re some strong points. Such as easy maintenance, not easy injured and scratched, and the price is lower.


Comparison between LVT flooring and laminate flooring, they have more similarities, Laminate flooring also try to imitate the natural wood material, Compared with LVT flooring, although laminate flooring price is lower and more resistant to scratching. But it's sensitive to humidity changes. And it`s not eco friendly material. If you don't do sound insulation, you'll sound very loud when you step on it.

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