What are the best properties of the composite board

- Dec 06, 2018-

The best composite plate not only has excellent resistance to bacteria, pollution, maintenance-free 2, flexible, anti-skid performance, water resistance of the product, so that the cleaning is easy to carry out, and it is more wear-resistant than the ordinary plate, antibacterial, Will not moths, mildew, the surface of the UV treatment has a strong resistance to pollution. 

Because the dimensional stability of the best composite plate is good, it will not be deformed by temperature and moisture, so daily maintenance only needs to drag and sweep, making the whole link safer, environmental protection, formaldehyde-free; at the same time, it can play a sound insulation and noise reduction. Feet feel comfortable, soft material, safe and non-toxic role. 

The best composite board color, rich patterns, fully meet the needs of individual design, and has a high fireproof performance B1; seam small and seamless welding: special color block material after strict construction and installation, its joints are very small, Special species can hardly see the joint is very small, so that the overall effect of the ground and visual effects are limited to play. 

The application range of the best composite board is very wide, such as shopping malls, hotels, schools, office buildings, various chain stores, commercial houses, 
The supermarket, the hotel, the hospital, the office administration building, the conference room, the activity room, the multi-function hall, the movie theater, the KTV, the bar, the Internet cafe, the purification workshop, the factory, the conference room, the living room and so on may use.www.wpc4flooring.com