What are the features of the decoration floor?

- Jan 29, 2018-

Decoration floor has high elasticity and strong anti impact properties, are under heavy impact good elastic recovery, the comfortable will also be called "material soft gold", at the same time, the home decoration floor has a relatively strong impact resistance, damage to the heavy impact is relatively strong the elastic recovery will not cause damage to the floor.


Excellent decoration decoration floor can reduce the maximum ground for human body injury, scattered on the foot shock can also, the latest research data show that after the pavement excellent decoration floor, the staff and the injured rate fell by nearly 70% compared with the other floor.


The characteristics of excellent decoration decoration floor also has superior anti slip, and the common ground materials are compared, under the sticky decoration floor of the water. More astringent, but not easy to slide, and the water will be more bitter. This is a great advantage for families with old people and their children.


Excellent home decoration and floor decoration will also have the characteristics of fireproofing and flame retardancy. The quality of qualified home floor fire prevention index will reach Bf1 level, Bf1 level, that is to say, fire performance is excellent, next to stone. Decoration floor itself will not because the combustion can prevent combustion; will not high quality floor generated when the light passive smoke from harm to the human body, but also will not produce toxic or harmful gases, caused by the interest in this way, to a great extent is to ensure our safety.


The characteristics of excellent decoration decoration floor still have waterproof, this time because it is the main component of vinyl resin, no affinity with water, not afraid of the water, as long as not long soak will not damage; at the same time using the excellent decoration decoration board, will not be because of high humidity and the floor mildew phenomenon. The specific service life is long, and it is also convenient to maintain.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/