What are the finishing steps of vinyl walling?

- Oct 29, 2018-

Vinyl wall skirt is a new type of decorative wall material developed in recent years. It has the advantages of light weight, fire prevention, mothproof, simple construction, low cost, safe use, obvious decorative effect, convenient maintenance and so on. It not only can replace the wooden wall skirt, but also can replace wallpaper, wall brick and other wall materials, so it is widely used. 

When the vinyl wall skirt is installed, the height difference of the panel surface should generally be less than 0.5 mm, the width of the remaining gap between the panel surfaces should be uniform and the size deviation should not be greater than 2 mm, the diagonal length deviation of the single panel should not be greater than 2 mm; Panel verticality deviation is not greater than 2mm. 

Take the full height vinyl wall skirt board as an example, when installing, you need to first saw off the protruding groove of the first protective wall board, plane it with a plane, and then start from the corner of the wall, the protruding part of the groove installs a 4.9cm steel nail every other 60cm, and there is no need to apply glue at the joint of the slot wedges. Each piece of parapet must be hammered tight and calibrated with a ruler. The last one must be coated with special glue on the back of the parapet.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/