What is the difference between the PVC deck tile and the ceramic tile and the wooden floor, can it be replaced by them?

- Mar 02, 2018-

At present, the real estate is still in a relatively hot stage, the competition in the decoration market is very fierce. There are more and more new decoration materials on the market. In the past, we usually used tiles, flooring and marble to decorate the floor. However, in recent years, PVC flooring brick has been attracting more and more attention. More and more families even discarded the tiles and floors, and used the PVC deck tiles.


So what's the difference between the PVC deck tiles and the tiles and wood floors, and can they replace the tiles and the wooden floors? Then let's give a brief introduction.


First, no matter the position of the keel of the wood floor, or the ceramic tile crevice, it is easier to breed bacteria because of the void. The PVC deck tile is water environmental protection special glue, the floor and cement base are closely integrated into a whole, so that it can also prevent all kinds of bacteria breeding, when actually used, it will not produce bacteria, has played a role in the protection of human health.


Wood floor, ceramic tile need to use adhesive, and in heat expansion and cold shrinkage, it is easier to crack or bulge. But in terms of PVC deck tile, it does not need glue to connect each piece. It is treated by special welding or trapezoidal beveling, so that it can effectively prevent the occurrence of cracking and drums on the floor.


Wood flooring and tile are unavoidable to produce dust pollution during construction, while PVC deck tiles do not produce any dust when they are installed, and they are relatively simple and fast in pavement technology.


For PVC deck tile and other elastic floor, although its popularity is increasing, its popularity rate has been difficult to improve. This is because PVC deck tiles have strict requirements for the ground level and construction time. If the home is decorated, and if you want to install PVC deck tiles, you need to first self leveling construction, and then do the grass-roots after drying, and then dry up before you can install the floor. In view of this, it needs to be made to replace other floors, but the quality of it is guaranteed.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/