What kind of household floor are there and how to choose?

- Jun 15, 2018-

We all know that the floor is an important main material in the process of domestic clothing, but now the floor is so many, there are all kinds of specifications and sizes, and the price is also different. So what kind of household floor are there, which is good, how to choose?


Now the common household decoration commonly used household floor has solid wood floor, solid wood floor, solid wood floor and plain wood floor. Bamboo and wood floor is rarely used in family decoration. At present, real wood floor is mainly made of domestic products, and the imported products are relatively small. The three floor solid wood flooring is relatively inexpensive in domestic production and is not very suitable for home decoration.


The solid wood floor is made of natural materials. This floor has the advantages of no synthetic material. It is nontoxic and tasteless. When we walk indoors, it is very comfortable, and it also has a good heating effect. But this kind of solid wood floor hardness is relatively high, when processing and production, resource consumption is more.


The appearance of solid wood composite floor has a beautiful wood texture like solid wood floor. Its size is relatively stable, easy to lay and maintain during construction. This solid wood composite floor adopts advanced equipment and process treatment, its product quality is more stable, this kind of floor can be used to make geothermal.


It is suitable for people of all classes to choose. It is made of medium density or high density fiberboard and particleboard. It is composed of four layers of material, wear layer, decorative layer, high density substrate and moistureproof layer.


This kind of household floor has good pollution resistance, acid resistance, antiskid and wear resistance. It can also play the role of preventing mildew and worm moth. It is very good in size stability and is not easily deformed by temperature and humidity. The choice of flooring varieties is relatively large, and the installation is relatively simple, the price is suitable for all levels of consumption of the masses.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/