Which types are the main types of outdoor floor tiles

- Jan 24, 2018-

Outdoor floor tiles including cement tiles, square brick, first, when it comes to outdoor floor brick in cement tiles, such as the smoothness of the floor tiles and other tiles, the texture will be relatively more rough, the color is poor, decoration when outdoors, often used however, such that the outdoor floor tiles are easy to hide dirt, if long not clean, will give people a feeling of gray. This kind of floor tile is often used in the square and lawn decoration.


The use of square tiles for outdoor floor tiles will actually be subdivided into ordinary square tiles and roof tiles, and indoor supermarket bricks.


When it comes to outdoor floor tiles among ordinary square brick facilities, is also there will be blind brick and brick stop, in general, is yellow, grey and black. Outdoor floor tiles such practical use, beautiful performance is also has a super skid and wear resistance and decoration, etc., are widely used in municipal engineering, leisure square or supermarket stores, 4S stores, and the application in garden greening, roof appearance, Hua Yuanyang Taiwan and the flow of people and more public. It is very.


When it comes to such kind of outdoor floor brick, in the practical application, is also will have a non slip, wear-resistant, appearance and its repair is also more convenient features, therefore, outdoor floor tiles such that the construction of a modern city, the ideal ground and roof decoration materials.


A lawn brick in an outdoor floor tile. According to the need of prefabricated lawn brick will become standard and different colors, after is with different patterns, assembled into different patterns, as a result, outdoor floor brick such would appear to be more beautiful than the cement ground, and outdoor floor tiles such to a great extent is to reduce the surface generated by the reflective glare phenomenon, but also can reduce the reflection is ground radiation, but also reduce the heat transfer surface layer.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/