Why is the application of WPC floor wider and wider?

- Nov 16, 2017-

Very wide applid of WPC floor is because of its water resistance and corrosion performance, service life is long, Comparing WPC floor and related products with wood material, resistant to strong acid and alkali, that is to say water resistance, corrosion resistance characteristics etc, And in practical use stage, The product are not breeding bacteria, not easy to be damaged by worms, not long fungi. Regarding its long service life, it is generally able to reach more than 50 years.


The excellent adjustable performance of WPC floor can be accomplished by plastic agents, The curing and foaming polymerization modification changes will be happened.  After these process, a series of plastic materials characteristics such as density and strength changed.  itself is to achieve the anti aging and anti static and flame retardant and a series of special requirement.


In addition, the application of WPC floor is very extensive, that is because it anti UV and the color rendering performance is also very good. Moreover, when it comes to its big advantages, that is, it can turn waste into treasure, 100% recycled and reproduction. It can achieve decomposition, will not become "white pollution".  It`s real green environmental protection product.


The raw material of WPC floor is extensive sourced, the production of plastic composite plastic raw material mainly include high density polyethylene or polypropylene.  The wood fiber is wood and crop flour, bran or wood fiber, also speaking, it is actually will need a small amount of additives and other processing agents.


Finally, the application of WPC flooring is so extensive that it can be made to a large extent by the size and size of any shape and size. WPC flooring also has better strength properties, because it contains plastic in this material, and that's why we actually notice that it will be better elastic modulus. It is superior to ordinary wood material in durability.