Wood plastic composite flooring has the following outstanding advantages.

- Apr 19, 2018-

Wood plastic composite flooring is natural and pollution-free.


Wood plastic composite floor is the most typical double green product, and the wood plastic composite floor itself will not appear pollution sources, some wood has aromatic tincture, emitting healthy and safe aroma; its postnatal is a very easy to be absorbed by the soil and absorption of organic fertilizer.


The wood plastic composite floor is beautiful in appearance.


Wood plastic composite floor wood is natural, for its ring and its texture, it can form a beautiful picture, this time will inevitably give a return to nature, with a feeling of return to simplicity, in the texture will also appear to be unique, widely loved by people.


Wood plastic composite floor has strong and durable characteristics.


Generally, wood usually floats directly on the surface of water, except for a few exceptions. As a result, wood plastic composite floor is to pay attention to the use of wood as building materials and metal building materials, stone material is easier to transport, laying, according to the experimental results show that the tensile strength of the pine is 3 times steel, 25 times the concrete, 50 times the marble, the compressive strength of the marble 4 times.


Wood plastic composite floor has good thermal insulation performance.


Wood plastic composite floor is not easy to heat conduction, and the thermal conductivity of concrete will also be very high. The thermal conductivity of steel is actually 200 times that of wood. Wood can be wet and evaporated. The most suitable humidity in the atmosphere will also be between 60%~70%, and the characteristics of the wood plastic composite floor can maintain the humidity in the range of comfortable humidity when it is used.


Finally, the quality of wood plastic composite flooring products has always been to all the consumers, the main reason is the choice of wood plastic composite floor for materials, wood and other main raw materials. In choosing wood, the wood plastic composite floor only chooses natural and pollution-free wood, and then it will be processed through scientific processing technology. The strength and hardness of the floor have been greatly improved, and the life of the wood plastic composite floor can also be guaranteed.http://www.wpc4flooring.com/