Wood-Plastic floor laying method

- Oct 19, 2017-

1. Wood-plastic flooring is usually used from the entrance of the room to the house or from one side of the wall to the other side of the wall is more advantageous.

2. Before paving the wood-plastic floor, we must inspect and repair the ground of the floor room that we want to lay. Although the wood plastic flooring has waterproof and moistureproof effect, but Sengmaomu plastic recommended to live in the first floor of the household to learn more about the Four seasons on the ground, if the resurgence serious, must first daub a layer of waterproof asphalt or asphalt oil.

3. In order to pave the floor can be beautiful, in the laying of wood flooring before we have to do a good job in the planning and design of the axis, the central axis is laying the floor of the baseline, especially in the same unit within a few rooms at the same time, the axis of the planning and design more important, the specific

4. On the laying of the wood-plastic plate to carefully according to the quality of the good or bad, the color of the depth of the election, the quality of the same, the color of the same, as far as possible to pave the new house in the central and conspicuous place, usually the site master will be verbally informed.

5. Laying the starting point of the wood-plastic floor must be paved very orderly, smooth, strong, its starting point whether the floor or flat floor must be sticky and strong,

6. When laying the wood-plastic floor plate, the four sides and four adjacent angles of each plate must be kept parallel and perpendicular to each other, and there can be no mistake because the error will increase with the increase of the laying area.

7. Laying in particular attention to the direction of the plate texture in order to avoid improper laying caused by the aesthetic impact.