WPC Floor Transportation and stacking

- Oct 19, 2017-

1. Compared with wood, plastic wood profile than the major and toughness is not good wood, when used to be more careful, when lifting a wood similar volume of the profile, you may want to spend more effort, and attention to dismantle.

2. When stored on the site, be sure to put it on a flat floor.

3. When the stacking profile, should be placed at both ends of the beam, adjacent two supporting beam center distance is not greater than 60 cm, the joists should be perpendicular to the profile.

4. Wood plastic materials in the outdoor stacking to the whole bundle of good, flat stacking, in case the sun is blown out of sun deformation.

5. Because the friction coefficient of WPC does not have hardwood floor height, it should not be checked on the plastic plank when handling, to Mian damage floor surface.