Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of WPC Outdoor Floor Tiles

- Dec 29, 2017-

First of all, the advantages of WPC outdoor floor brick, because it is the production of wood plastic composite materials and, on this point, so it has the same characteristics and wood processing, for WPC outdoor floor tiles, using ordinary tools that can realize sawing, drilling and the nail operation, comparison it is convenient, can use the same as ordinary wood.


At the same time, WPC outdoor floor tiles also have a unique wood sense of wood, and similar to the characteristics of plastics, such as water and antisepsis. Because of these characteristics, we find that it is a good performance and durable outdoor waterproof and anticorrosive building material.


When WPC outdoor floor tiles are used outdoors, we find it not only has the natural appearance and texture of wood. There is better dimensional stability of wood, no wood knots, at the same time it will not produce what cracks, or warping deformation phenomenon.


When making and processing WPC outdoor floor tiles, it can make many kinds of colors, and it does not need to paint for two times. It can also keep the new product for a long time, and it will not fade. It can be sawed, planed and bonded, and can be fixed with nails or screws. It is in line with the standard standard of various profiles, and it is fast and convenient for construction and installation.


Finally, it is a kind of new environment-friendly wood plastic composite products, in the production process of high density fiberboard can produce wood phenol, until into the recycled plastic granulator after words are made of wood plastic composite materials, such WPC outdoor floor brick can be directly used in the landscape, not only beautiful, but also comparison of environmental protection.