How To Repair The Indoor Wood-plastic Flooring

- Oct 19, 2017-

First of all, if the interior wood flooring surface is scratched, usually because the wood-plastic floor paint is crushed, this to see the surface of the wood floor scratched the extent of the surface, if the wood-plastic floor of the film scratches a lighter, you can use the measures of polishing and waxing to deal with the wood-plastic floor cleaning can be.

Second, the other is the indoor wood-plastic floor scraping deeper, can be repaired with solid wax filling wood flooring, and then paint with a brush to paint the floor of the wood-plastic flooring, and finally polished wood flooring.

Third, we can buy a bottle of floor wax on the wood-plastic flooring repair, is the same as the ordinary mop to wipe the wood floor, some are not very deep indoor wood plastic floor scratches can be processed. Buy a bottle of floor trimmers not a lot of money, but the repair of wood plastic flooring has a great help, can make wood floor surface bright such as new, to prevent scratches, indoor wood flooring can extend life.