Luxury Vinyl Planks Characteristic

- Nov 10, 2017-

Our Luxury Vinyl Planks are 100% virgin PVC. Many LVT currently in the market by other manufacturers use recycled material, which has some heavy metals and some even use formaldehyde. LVT has various specifications and colors, but one commonality among them all is that they are 100% impervious to water and liquids such as paint thinner, acetone and other like solvents. Our highest grade LVT have an unmatched 25 year commercial warranty and 99.7 year residential warranty for our 20 and 28 mil products. Our most popular grade with a 12 mil wear layer is available with a 15 year commercial warranty and 50 year residential warranty. Our standard product has a 4 mil or 8 mil wear layer with a 15 year residential warranty (not recommended for commercial use).


Our Luxury Vinyl Planks are 100% Waterproof. Making them the perfect flooring to buy perfect for kitchens, baths and basements; on or below grade. Every product is tested before produced ensuring the highest quality before arriving for installation for your next project.


We know your pet’s are more than just friends, they’re family. And here we take your families health very seriously when it comes to ensuring that it’s not only eco-friendly but comfortable whether it’s a low or high traffic area. We also provide scratch resistance to several types of our flooring also to enhance it’s durability.


Our fire resistant flooring reduces the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire-related incident within your home or business. Benefit highlights include reducing the spread of flames and smoke throughout a facility or area as well as providing greater protection of people and property during a fire related incident or accident.