The Characteristics And Advantages Of Plastic Flooringing

- Nov 30, 2017-

Plastic flooring, it`s the floor covering material made by polymer compounds (resin is the main raw material). It is called Plastic flooring.  Plastic flooring is more moderate in price. Compare with carpet, wood floor, stone and ceramic ground material, its price is much more cheap.


The decorative effect of Plastic flooring is also good. The patterns and colors, texture and shapes are diverse. It can satisfy different people's needs and different targets. The common pattern is imitation of natural materials. very realistic.


Plastic flooring has a lot of functions, comfortable feet, warm feeling, heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture barrier. Furthermore, it is more convenient in construction and laying, and consumers can personally participate in the overall conception, material selection and laying. And its surface is a high-density special structure. It`s whole anti slip. People will directly relieve the safety concerns of the elderly and their children.


Plastic flooring is light, The weight than that of the wood floor to 10 times and 20 times lighter than tile, About 25 times lighter than stone material,  It`s suitable used for high buildings with more than three layers or office buildings.


It`s also more convenient for installation,  No need to use cement sand,no need to make soil, direct paving, very fast and simple.  Plastic flooring products in different patterns, different series can be free to match, so it will be very time-saving and effort-saving.