What Is The LVT Floor?

- Oct 19, 2017-

Livyn LVT floors are composed of five different layers. As a result, this floor not only has excellent waterproof and silencing characteristics, but also for your feet to bring extremely warm, soft ground touch, in addition, LVT floor still retains ultra-thin characteristics, is the perfect choice of interior renovation.

1. High-performance top-level: The use of scratch-resistant technology of the top layer can effectively protect your floor from dust intrusion, contamination and scratches damaged, in addition to make your floor easy to clean and maintain, the ultra-matt surface natural appearance.

2. Refined Printing Vinyl Decorative layer: This layer uses advanced printing technology to give LVT floor unique rustic style.

3. Strong impact-resistant vinyl inner core: Vinyl inner core with waterproof and silencing effect ensures floor comfort and durability.

4. Ultra-stable outer layer: it contains super thick glass fiber and greatly improves the dimensional stability of LVT floor.

5. High-Impact Vinyl backplane: This layer waterproof, the perfect balance of the back plate to prevent warping or deformation.