Indoor Parquet Laminate Flooring

Indoor Parquet Laminate Flooring

Solid wood composite flooring is made by laminating the boards of different tree species.

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Indoor Parquet Laminate Flooring Introduction

Solid wood composite flooring is made by laminating the boards of different tree species. To some extent, it overcomes the shortcomings of wet expansion and drying shrinkage of solid wood flooring. It has small shrinkage and wet expansion rate, good dimensional stability, and retains the natural wood grain and comfortable feet of solid wood flooring.

Solid wood composite flooring has both the stability of laminated flooring and the aesthetics of solid wood flooring, and has environmental advantages.


Easy to clean:

simple, light and fresh, no dirt and easy to clean. The surface of the parquet is well painted, with good abrasion resistance and no need to spend too much energy on maintenance. It is understood that the good solid wood flooring in the market does not waxing within 3 years, but also keeps the lacquer surface as bright as new. This is a strong contrast with the maintenance of solid wood flooring.

Quality stability, not easy to damage:

because the solid wood composite flooring substrate used multi-layer veneer composite, wood fibers crisscross into a network of overlapping combinations, so that the various internal stresses of wood between the laminates to adapt to each other, to ensure the smoothness and stability of the wood flooring, and retain the beauty of the solid wood flooring in one. It not only enjoys the original ecological warmth, but also solves the problem that solid wood floors are difficult to maintain. It is the fine crystallization of reinforced wood floors and solid wood floors.


Price Benefit:

Solid wood composite flooring due to the unique structure of the relationship, the wood requirements are not so high, and can make full use of materials, so the price is much lower than solid wood flooring.

Installation simple: solid wood composite floor installation and strengthen the floor, do not hit the keel, as long as leveling, but also improve the height. And because of the simple installation requirements, it also greatly reduces the hidden dangers of installation.